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Registering with MCPS as an authorised user of Production Music

MCPS protects and administers the copyright in Production Music Libraries' works and the sound recordings upon which these are made available. All persons or companies who intend to use or hold Production Music library discs are required to register with MCPS as an authorised user. This currently involves signing the Code of Conduct with MCPS before obtaining and using the material. Two codes of conduct are in operation, one for Production companies and one for Facility houses.

Once a company or individual has signed they will be provided with a registration identity to enable them to approach and request copies of Production Music recordings from any MCPS music library.

The Code of Conduct sets out the terms upon which production music discs may be used to incorporate music into productions before licences are obtained, and the procedure for applying for the licence. The procedure for logging music use and for the application for a music licence varies according to whether you are a Production company or a Facility house. These procedures are undertaken by using either a MCPS Application for Music Licence (AFML) or a MCPS Music Log Sheet, both of which are available from MCPS.

More information from the MCPS Licensing Services Dept on 020 8378 7500 or e-mail

Information on rates for the use of Production Music in productions can be found by clicking here.


All rights of the owners of the sound recordings, musical works and performers reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcast, cable transmissions, copying and distribution prohibited. The use of the Studio G library recordings are subject at all times to:

  1. Having the authority to use them from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd, Elgar House, 41 Streatham High Road, London SW16 1ER (or, in the case of licences obtained outside the UK for exploitation outside the UK, from the Library's appointed agents).
  2. The terms and conditions of any such authority.
  3. Obtaining an appropriate licence prior to any exploitation or use of the relevant production or recording.

Furthermore, public performance, broadcast and cable transmission of the production or recording may only be made with the additional licence of the Performing Rights Society and appointed worldwide agents.

Terms of Supply

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain compact discs are supplied free, on loan and by prior arrangement with Studio G Ltd. The discs thus remain the property of Studio G Ltd and are not transferable and should be returned upon request, or if insufficient usage's are being made. They are normally supplied to professional broadcast and audio visual companies who have:

  1. An existing agreement to mechanically reproduce the music and recording, or
  2. Have signed the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society's 'Code of Conduct Agreement' that has been introduced specifically for the independent production sector.

In General

When declaring music usage's please detail on cue sheets: Title, Composer/Arranger, Duration used, CD Number, Publisher (Studio G), Production Details, Territory and Type of Exhibition.

Please inform us of any changes to contact names and addresses etc.

We are always happy to advise on the selection of our music for future productions - just call +44 (0) 208 870 5670, fax +44 (0) 208 870 5670 or e-mail


Studio G is not responsible for any material which is accessed by linking to an external site. The MCPS Rate card is controlled by the MCPS and not Studio G and therefore Studio G is not responsible for any discrepancies between figures published on the MCPS website and the Studio G website. For the latest information on rates you are advised to contact the MCPS licensing services department on 020 7306 4500 or by e-mail: